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Welcome to our new website!

New Classes Staring Soon.

Call Marcia to book.

Yoga for Kids classes are here

We have already started teaching so please feel free to contact us if you would like to book one of our courses.


Mums and Babies Swimming Lessons :

A fun bonding experience for parents and children with parents in the pool.

An introduction to the joys of water and swimming. This is as much a class to teach parents techniques to pass on the love of water to their children as it is a learning experience for the children.  

These classes are held in a fun environment with lots of toys and play. Ages ranging from 10 moths - 2.5 years.


Qualified Instructors from UK, South Africa and Australia.

  • Our teachers are experienced to deal with lessons from Mums and Babies, to Club level.
  • The teachers are all qualified and certified.
  • Our Teachers are also passionate about swimming.


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